Did you know… Daylight saving facts

daylight savings uk

Daylight Saving Time is close to ending. In the UK, it’ll come to an end on October 29, which will cause the clocks to be pushed back by an hour.

Handy tip: Can’t remember if clocks are going forward or back? Here’s an easy way to remember: Spring = Forward, Fall = Back.

In 1784 American politician and inventor, Benjamin Franklin first suggested that if people got up earlier when it was lighter outside, then with would save on candles.

British builder William Willett campaigned for daylight savings throughout 1907 and 1908, but it wasn’t implemented in the UK until 1916 – one year after Willett’s death.

OMG moment: William Willett was Coldplay’s frontman Chris Martin’s great-great-grandfather.

Today, there is still much debate over whether daylight savings is beneficial. There are arguments over whether or not it really saves on energy by taking advantage of the sunlight. There is also discussion over whether darker evenings are more dangerous for children walking home from school.

However, for most people the only real bone of contention is the lack of lay-ins when the clocks go forward. 😴💤

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