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New ideas for a (late) New Year’s resolution

If, like me, you have still not decided on a New Year’s resolution, or perhaps your ‘carb-free resolution’ has already failed and you’re looking for a new one to stick to, I may be able to help…

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🎄It’s almost Christmas!

Feeling the lump of Humbug stuck in your throat? Feeling like the Grinch is your shadow? STOP! With the help of quotes from popular festive film Elf, I shall remind you of the reasons to look forward to Christmas this year…


Forget me not: Six things to remember for Christmas day

You’re working through buying the last of your Christmas gifts, but what about beyond the morning of Christmas of present-opening? Do you have all the food and bit and bobs you’ll need for the rest of the day? Lucky for you, I have had a dig around the depths of the internet to find out popular things […]


Christmas in New Zealand’s summer sun

Christmas is not a cold event everywhere. Back in New Zealand, where I hail from, Christmas is associated with sandals and strawberries rather than snow and socks…

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🎅🏼 Keeping Christmas fun without the kids

Not having children around on Christmas can sometimes take the magic out of the day. So here are some ideas to keep it alive at Christmas time, to keep December 25 from turning into just day off. There’s no Play-Doh to make things with, no one to discuss Santa with (obviously there isn’t much to […]

Creative ways to use Postsnap for Christmas cards

Creative ways to use Postsnap this Christmas

Christmas cards can be so much more creative than you may think. Mark each day of Christmas with a special personalised card…

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Five top snaps to use on a Christmas card

1.Fun photos of the fur babies! The pets shan’t be exempt from festive fun! (No animals should be harmed or distressed in the process of making a fabulous photo card.) 2. Family photos from last Christmas The last time the whole family got together would likely be last Christmas. Perfectly worthy of being celebrated! 3. […]