Get Prepay for the Spring bank holiday

Walking through the woods over the Spring bank holiday

Get out and about this bank holiday

Get ready for the long weekend by purchasing your Prepay now. The Spring bank holiday is on its way (May 29) to celebrate the end of Spring and the approaching Summer.

Prepay gets you more cards for your money because with every top-up you will receive FREE Prepay, which is immediately added to your balance.

The more you buy, the more free Prepay you’ll receive – find it under ‘Prepay‘ on the Postsnap app:

Prepay for Postsnap postcards

In other words, if you buy £75 worth of Prepay, you will get £15 Prepay extra – so you’ll end up with a total balance of £90!

Once you have your Prepay, what photos will you use for your bank holiday postcards?
Here are some suggestions:

Spend the day walking through the woods, beach or countryside
Going for a walk in Spring

Catching up with the fam’
Hanging with the family

Get the house ready for sale –
Spring typically has more buyers, and Summer makes great photos
House up for sale in Spring or Summer

Make the most of your weekend with Postsnap Prepay!

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  1. Love the idea of Prepay… Great idea

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