Send a friend a surprise postcard

When you’re away from Mum and Dad, or your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend, you could be tempted to text or Facebook message them. But why not send a postcard instead? It’s one of those little gestures – those random acts of kindness – that means a little more that just a text on cyberspace.

Send a postcard to say…

  • ‘Remember that time when we wore the same outfit.’ Send a postcard to remind your friend of when you wore the same thingEveryone’s done it. Remind them by sending a silly personalised postcard, with a message on the back that comments on how snappy you both looked.
  • ‘Wish you were here.’
    With a photo of something right in front of you that reminded you of them.

Here’s a tip: Postcards are also a great way to print and keep your favourite photos.

  • ‘Thank you for being you’
    You may not see them all the time, but a postcard can be that little surprise that brightens up their day for no reason at all. Or, thank you for the Easter eggs they sent over the weekend. If this is the case, then feel free to use the promo code THANKS20 for 20% off of your Easter thank you cards. (Expires April 27, 2017.)
  • ‘Remember me?’Send a postcard to show your adventures.Get back in touch with an old friend via a postcard to say you’re in town.
  • ‘I love you!’
    Send a love letter in the form of a postcard, or send a photo of where you are with a message that says no matter where I am in the world, I’m still thinking of you‘. 🇳🇿  🇬🇧

I tend to get so excited that I’ve sent a Postsnap postcard to my parents, that I promptly email them to tell them that I’ve sent a postcard. If it’s that fun to create and send postcards, then it’ll feel even better to receive one.

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  1. I received a PostSnap postcard from our daughter who is overseas. It was such a wonderfully thoughtful idea. It was a photo of us all together as a family. It really did bring a tear to my eye ( A happy one). A PostSnap postcard really means more than a text.

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