🍁Tips for taking stunning photos of Autumn on your iPhone


How to take a great Autumnal photo for your personalised cardAutumn is here! Misty dawns and chilly mornings, warm oranges and reds, glowing trees and crunchy leaves. Let down your mane, and take advantage of this fiery season! With an iPhone in hand, be bold and brave, and take note of these tips for taking the best photos this Autumn…

We must leaf Pride Rock…
Leaves and trees are associated with Autumn of course, so use this characteristic to your advantage! Bare trees make dramatic backdrops, whereas leaves are colourful and playful (as long as it’s before a downpour!).

Everything the light touches is our kingdom…
Avoiding midday sun means you’ll get the best use of the orangey light, and dramatic shadows. Dewy mornings are particularly interesting – look out for glistening spider webs!

But what about that shadowy place…
The harsher the sun, the harsher the shadows. What you really need for the most flattering selfies is softer light – so don’t stay inside on those cloudy days! #NoFilter

Top tip:Take a great autumnal photo for your personalised card
To brighten up your photos, be sure to look out for bright rainbow-coloured umbrellas and welly-boots, for an eye-catching contrast. Boots in puddles, bright rain coats and umbrellas against the sky are perfect photos to look for during Autumn – particularly in grey cities. 🌂

Respect all the creatures, from the crawling ant to the leaping antelope…
Creepy crawlies will be all around during the damper weather. Rather than turn away from them, take a close-up photo of them. Or, perhaps the larger animals – dogs in leaves or cats in trees! Close-up photos of veiny, curled or colourful leaves make a strong statement unique to the season of Autumn too.

You are my sun
Keep an eye on where the sun is when you’re taking a photo, and change-up your angles. Look up – use the blue (or grey) sky as a contrasting background. Look down – use the leaves floating in the stream, or piled up beneath a tree for a photo.

And so we are all connected in the great Circle of Life…
Connect with your friends and family by sending your photos to them on a Postsnap card. Then share your work online by taking a photo of your Postsnap card with the hashtag: #PhotoCardApp

🍁 Autumn has beautiful light to take advantage of so be creative and use your surroundings.

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